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2005-06-14 - 9:27 p.m.

I think I must have a worm or something.

It's not right is it, eating 10 slices of toast throughout the day? Actually, perhaps I should amend that statement. It's not right eating 8 slices of toast in one go is it? I had the other 2 for breakie so perhaps they don't count in my worm ponderings. It wouldn't be so bad but we went to Pizza Hut too!

There's definitely a case for worm action there don't you think?

Anyhoo, today. Oh god TODAY.

Where shall I start? With the no bike or the shit everywhere? Yup, the frickin' bike didn't come AND I got up to a great pile of stinkin' shit everywhere AGAIN!

It's getting beyond a joke now. The dogs sleep in the office; one has a sofa, the other has a dog bed. I guess it's quite funny in a way - the sofa dog had been acting weird all night and eating loads of grass. I woke up to find a giant diarrhoea-y shit in the other dogs bed. I know that sofa dog did it 'cause it looked like a bloody hedgehog there was so much grass in it. The funny thing is that he had obviously shifted the other dog out of his bed just so that he could shit in it! Great innit? Could you imagine if someone YOU lived with got you up in the middle of the night just to drop their load in your bed? You wouldn't be pleased would you? You might even suspect that they either didn't like you or at the very least didn't respect you....

When I got home he'd shit everywhere again so I had loads more to clean up. He doesn't even seem ill; quite proud of himself if anything. Poor sod tho, the dogs are usually really clean so he must have had terrible guts ache.

...and finally. Remember when I had my 'episode' recently and said that I was going to give up my diary 'cause I was fed up with life and what a loser I was looking? It started with a rejection from the Pris0n Serv1ce for a job as a psychological assistant and well, they are advertising again which is satisfying to know. They obviously chose the wrong people didn't they? Mwha ha ha ha ha ha. Fingers to 'em, fingers to 'em all!

....I'm a fool. I've called up for an application form :(

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