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2005-04-15 - 12:55 p.m.


I passed my interview and once I get through my medical I'll be laughing

...or crying as the case may be.

Thoughts: I do have some medical issues that I am concerned about. Although I am really happy at the moment I am reserving the big congrats to myself until I get through this final piece of the chain.

My Mom was proud which was lovely but reality is starting to hit me in the face. THE INTENDED JOB was not something that I really wanted to do a few months back but since my first rejection I seem to have forgotten all of that and the desire to succeed has driven me to this point in my life. Weird innit?

Other news: I have had a call back for another 'it'll do for now' type job in a call centre. That'll definitely keep me going through the summer until something concrete comes my way.

The vibes are good so far so WA-HOO

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