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2005-12-21 - 9:23 p.m.

It was the Christmas dinner thing at the hostel today and as the new person (I HATE being new all the time) I stood around like a spare prick most of the afternoon until, in desperation, I started to wash up so that I could actually say I'd done something other than look uncomfortable in order to earn my wages for the day. Blow me if I didn't end up doing all of the washing up for an entire Christmas meal for 13 people. The place was wrecked but at least I bonded with staff and residents alike a little bit. I even got to meet 2 of the banned guests so that when I start lone working there no one will be able to run rings around me, no sireeeeee.

Apart from that I've had a headache pretty much all of the day and I can admit that I've been a right grumpy bastard. Merry Christmas heh? I've booked the 3 ghosts to come by after they've been to Phoe, her Dad, My Mom and ol' Ebineeeeeezer Scrooge. No one I've spoken too is arsed about crimbo this year so I reckon the ghosts will be rushed off their poor spectral feet showing folk their future and whatnot.

.......God, I hope I'm thin in mine. I'll never see the error of my ways if I discover I'm a right bloater in my future, I'll be even more grumpy than when the whole event started and I'll probably even out freak that freaky bone ghost who shows you your grave and is designed to, well, basically freak you. No one can stand in a room with me if I get an uber-grump come over me. I had one last night and Phoe was forced to throw a bag of Dolly Mixtures in my direction from a distance in order to appease me.

...and that's it. I've talked a right load of old bollocks in this entry but what the hey; We're off to see Weird Ed who lived in the haunted house tomorrow morning and I'm on a 10pm finish at work. I'm partnered up with the hippy tomorrow night so I'm hoping it's going to be laid back and cool.

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