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2005-10-19 - 10:17 p.m.

Phoe and I went swimming tonight and it was good. We've not been to a swimming pool in YEARS. We did the old swimming in the sea thing last summer but actually paying and going into some public baths, now that's a new thing for us and I'm really pleased I could be bothered once I'd got home from work.

I get lonely exercising. I seem to do everything alone which might be one of the main reasons why I hate the fecking gym so much. I will be going back to Yoga in a couple of weeks (once the woman is back from hols) and again, I will do that alone. The problem with Phoe is that she's more of a lazy bastard than me and she doesn't have anything going on in her life that is going to give her that incentive or that push that I have (The INTENDED JOB) so she uses her back injury (from the bad shit she went thru a few years ago) as an excuse to do nothing which in turn makes her worse if you ask me. If you don't exercise the muscles you don't condition or tone them up in order to make them work more efficiently.

She agrees but still refuses to engage in any activities with me which might help her. Still, we have started to go swimming and we had a great time so that's a step forward. The changing rooms were another story tho - looked like Verucca City if you ask me. I guess that remains to be seen.

...and that's that I guess. My Mom has gone on holiday and it feels weird not to have her to hand via the phone, work was ok and I got to read the file of a guy who keeps walking around his local area naked and another who seems to always be covered in excrement. See how my mind works? I am still amused at nudity and shit. How am I ever going to be taken seriously?

I'm not :)

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