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2006-08-10 - 8:19 p.m.

I suspect I'm quite an aggressive person when the mood takes me and by gum it took me today. Remember me telling you about my snooty neighbour who hid from me when she saw me in my old VW Bug? It was a couple of months ago, you probably forgot. I thought it was funny for a bit until I really thought about it and became majorly pissed off. Ah, don't worry if you forgot, no one ever listens to me any way, I could be talking to myself half the time (this is what I say to Phoe a lot of the time when she swears I haven't told her something and I know damn sure as mustard that I DID tell her)

...anyhoo, the snooty woman's husband spied me in my 'proper person's' (courtesy) car (while the bug gets fixed up). He stuck his stupid head into the open passenger window and in his stupid Isle of Wight accent (that bleedin' fucking 'country bumpkin' accent grates on me something rotten too which enraged me immediately)

"Where's the old banger then?" he smiled

(the cheeky bastard - I CAN call my car a heap of shit ball-bag of a car but how dare HE call it a banger)

"THE OLD BANGER?" I exclaimed slowly and precisely, with no hint of humour. "Yes, I saw your wife hide from me in my OLD BANGER. It's off being restored actually....

I tell you, the old fella didn't know where to put himself. I'm sorry if being direct and confronting the stuff that makes you angry is wrong. In my mind, if it makes people uncomfortable then it's a job well done and they will think about their actions and how their prejudices and snooty attitudes can hurt people.

Enough of the noble speech. What I meant to say is that they need to learn to fuck off.

In other news: As my good friend Mr Bison knows, the magazine article came out/is currently out and yup, I hate the photo with a passion. Phoe hates the photo of herself that the professional took even more so I guess we're both in the same boat. The article utterly shocked the shit out of me. God knows what she was on that day but she keeps banging on about having a kid!?! SHE HATES KIDS! She also went ballistic at the writer (I can't bring myself to call her a journalist) after the 'L' word was mentioned. Being a pair of sad losers who can't pull a bloke for love nor money, the question of whether we are gay or not has reared it's head in several junk tabloids/shitty magazines in the past. Hey man, live and let live is what I say fer chrissake but don't make everyone believe THAT - I'll NEVER get shagged again! I'm already on the point of healing up completely (she said, rather unattractively)without blokes thinking I'm 'on the other bus' if you know what I mean (nudge nudge wink wink).

...anyhoo, back to the point. Phoe had told the 'writer' that we had been burned in the past and that she wanted to make it clear that we weren't gay. Blow me if the woman didn't go out of her way to make the denial a major part of the story. WHY did she have to mention it in the first place? The story was about Phoe looking for love and hoping for kids one day. NO ONE would have been thinking gay but they just love it don't they, junk writers. They have to say something just to throw it out there for people to think "oooOOOOooooooooh, they said GAY"

Bunch of arseholing cretinous buffoons.

...and finally ('cause I've been rambling on a bit today): Went to the Probation Service presentation last night and I've pretty much made my mind up to go for the 2 years training. It's gonna be bloody hard work getting a degree, an NVQ level 4 and a diploma in Probation work within 2 years but once it's done my career will fly :)

Oh yeah, to make things even worse. I started my OTHER job on monday and I'm bloody loving it. DAMN DAMN DAMN!

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