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2005-08-04 - 11:56 p.m.

Well well well, will wonders ever cease? You probably don't remember but last year my musically talented friend Katherine entrusted her future to my out of condition singing voice (diary entry: "Out of the way Madonna,piss off Kylie, the Sket's here now"

Well, Katherine entered a load of stuff into the UK songwriting competition and has won something with one of the songs I sang on! Blimey. Seems I can't fuck up ANYTHING for anyone else but for me? Pah, the usual shit doth continue.

I won't bleat on about it tho. I'm getting sick to death of listening to/reading myself moaning all the bloody time. Been on a 12-9pm shift tonight. Didn't get home until after 10pm and I'm knackered.

....but I won't complain. Things could be worse, I could still be unemployed and on the verge of bankruptcy (heck, I'm employed and on the verge of bankruptcy but I'm not going to complain, no siree, no complainin' Sket, that's me)

Oh yeah, the bike, I didn't fill you in on the update. The THIRD one is 'lost' somewhere now. I got to call up and call the company a bunch of incompetent cretinous buffoons. I also told them to stick their constant apologies up their backsides as one of their apologies and a quid will get me a 's worth of sweets! Get this, they only offered to order me a 4th bleeder! I think that the pitch of my voice rose to a level of such incredulity that only a dog could hear me at that point.

...and that's it. I'm on lates all this week so nothing interesting is bound to happen to me that will be worth adding to my diary (here's tempting FATE, heh?)

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