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2005-04-16 - 4:48 p.m.

Well my friends, my run of good luck continueth!

(makes a fucking change!)

As you all know, my fortunes have been rather dire of late and that the Devil has been farting in my face with rather alarming regularity in recent times. All that has changed.

...you wanna know why? It is because I discovered a secret. The secret to my new-found success if you like and as you have shared my downs with me I would like to share this invaluable advice with you. Remember and use this information wisely!

Ok, here goes:

Phoe is a sci fi anorak of the highest level and she LOVES Star Trek (next generation only). I on the other hand come and play on the 'puter whenever she's having her 'Trekky' time. I now realise that I have picked up bits of information by osmosis or summat. Anyhoo, when I was on my horror weekend of tests, and even during my interview for THE INTENDED JOB I found myself thinking 'How would jean Luc Picard handle the situation?' before answering any questions. By placing myself in the bald one's place and thinking like him my fortunes have been transformed!

...so, whenever ANYTHING stressful happens, just think 'what would
Jean Luc do?'
and NOT 'what would Scooby do?' (which used to be my
tactic and which got me into the mess I was previously in!).

You don't have to thank me :)

oh yeah, the continuing good luck.... I got the shitty call centre job which will keep the wolf from the door and the Nazi DSS bastards off my back until everything starts happening around September (assuming I pass the medical). Good innit?

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