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2005-07-03 - 12:51 p.m.

I've finally got 2 days away from call centre hell. Not being a 'morning person' the last few days have been a living nightmare of having to get up at 5am to start work for 7 (especially when you can't get to bed before 12.30). I couldn't help but wonder what kind of arsehole can't have a lie-in in the morning and insists on calling up a company as soon as they open to book their sodding caravan onto a ferry in 2 months time?

Fer chrissake!

I've become so intolerent of the people who phone up now, I simply couldn't give a shit that they've been coming to visit the Island every year for the past 30 years. I just want to scream that they should get a fucking imagination and go visit somewhere else for a change. Sad bastards.....

My language is a bit ripe again isn't it? A symptom of the growing fear that I won't get the less shitty job next week and that I'll be trapped there for the entire summer (or until I put my fist in the face of the trainer who can't answer a simple question without trying to make you feel an inch tall). Fer chrissake, I've got a degree! I've passed everything to get into a PROPER job with responsibilities (albeit on hold for the time being) and this jumped up sad middle-aged spinster can't just tell me if a certain code means that some stupid tickets have simply been printed or have been printed and sent out without rolling her eyes around her head like she's possessed by some medieval demon whilst heavily sighing and throwing in random and irrelevent questions that you don't know the answer to in order to make you feel stupid!


I've been laying the poison for her already as a preamble to the bombshell I will leave in my wake when I leave. I am the kind of person who HAS to say something when I feel I've been treated badly and when I know I'm safe I'll dig the knife in and make a formal complaint about her in my resignation letter. I can't remember if I've mentioned any of this before, I don't think I have. I just hate workplace bastards who make a shitty job worse with their attitude.

Any way. The other shitty news is that my stupid dog (the one who forgets his own name) can't go for a walk without being crippled up when he gets home. He's not old but had been neglected when we got him as a puppy and has already knocked out some of his teeth which seem quite fragile whilst playing with a ball and I suspect that he's got weaknesses in his joints too. Last night he was limping particularly bad and Phoe felt around his one leg

..and found a lump.

Sigh, we're broke and now it looks as tho the dog might have something serious wrong with him. Great innit? I don't know why I bother to get up in the morning half the time.

Here's a pic of him. I'll take him to the vet tomorrow to see what they reckon:

Stooopid dog

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