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2005-05-18 - 10:06 p.m.

I've just completed day 6 of my 7 day evening shift. God I hate that place...

I will tell you about the stupid people I have to deal with:

Sket: "Good morning, Isle of Wight ferries (made up name) how can I help you"

Idiot Woman: "Erm, hello, is that the camping and caravan club?"

Sket: (sigh)"No, it's ISLE OF WIGHT FERRIES. Do you want to make a booking using a special offer from the camping and caravan club?"

Idiot Woman "Erm, yes please"

Sket: "So, when are you travelling?"

Idiot Woman: "Erm..... I don't know, do you need that information?"

(Sket pulls numerous faces, rolls eyes and makes 'wanker' gestures to screen before explaining that she can't actually book anyone onto a ferry if they can't tell her which ferry they want to travel on. The conversation drags on at a slower than slow pace as Sket tries to wrestle the idiot woman's prefered time of travel out of her and the size of her fucking caravan)

Finally the booking is complete and I give her the reference number fully expecting her to decide that she hasn't got a pen. Even I was caught out by her final statement.

Idiot Woman: "Thank you. So, where am I going, Calais?"


How has the woman lived this long without having walked in front of a bus is something I'll never know.

And Finally.... my toilet obsession continues. Three seperate occasions found me entering the ladies only to find someone trying to have a shit in peace! I get anxious now every time I open the door.

In 'stupid random acts to alieviate call centre hell boredom' news, I lay face down on the floor in a different corridor and shook my legs violently whilst laughing like a moron before lifting my shirt and bra right up and running bare breasted back to the door of the office. I then wobbled them around still laughing to myself 'cause no one on the other side of the door knew there were bare tits on show. I'm gonna get caught but I just gotta do it behind someone's beck tomorrow :)

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