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2005-04-22 - 10:46 p.m.

Well, I've completed my first week in my temporary job.

I'm still not enthused y'know...

I want to talk about public toilets. Now I am very particular about public toilet etiquette and in fact had to fight a growing fear of entering a public toilet if I had seen the face of the previous 'sitter'. I think that came about when I entered a cubicle after a big fat woman and there were big drops of bright yellow piss all over the seat and floor. That woman's face was burned into my brain as I had to wipe up her piddle.

I am getting better tho, I almost (I was able to stop myself) bought some spray to carry around with me which would kill germs everywhere. Fortunately I kinda knew that once I had gone that far I was just a week from a full-blown Howard Hughes type sterile environment thing.

....I get weird phobias from time to time; just ignore me. Fortunately I am managing them - especially the fear of some organic round things (I can't explain it apart from saying that fruit is ok but growths on trees aren't)

Anyhoo, back to my original line of thought. TOILETS. I went to the toilets at my new place of work and had to listen to some woman squeezing out a big shit in the cubicle next to me! Am I a prude or is that really out of order? Do some people have NO shame?

....or bowel control at that.

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