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2005-01-29 - 10:56 a.m.

Phew, I survived and nothing went wrong yesterday.

I have a history of things going spectacularly wrong pre-interview (got lost and turned up an hour and a half late, turned up a week too early and had to crawl back at the correct time with the knowledge that they already knew that I was an idiot, and the ol' falling down in a muddy puddle right outside the building and arriving covered in blood and muddy water...). I have a half memory of puking just before my police one too actually (or am I dreaming it?).

Anyhoo, I made sure that I'd got everything right and even took the earlier Hovercraft in case the one I wanted was cancelled or something. I arrived way too early so kinda hung around the town square in the freezing cold being entertained by some rough looking bloke striding up and down shouting "Fucking Bastards" and shaking his fist at some invisible enemy over and over for about 10 minutes, his voice echoing around the square like a furious poltergeist.

I won't go into everything, there were 10 of us doing the tests and there's only one job so I seriously doubt my chances. You know when you see the people you are up against and you kinda make judgements about who hasn't got a chance and who looks like serious competition? Yeah, well I suspect that one of my early 'dismissals' is likely to get it; he looked about 10 years old in his Dad's suit and didn't volunteer to speak to anyone initially but as the day went on I could see that he was really clever and spoke when he had something constructive to say. He worked for the land registry office so had seen the plans of many a celeb house and had also searched out rude names of land owners (the best was a Mrs Shit), a man after my own heart!

Over all? I think I flunked the speed mathematics section partly because I am a mathematical gimboid and partly because they weren't easy maths to do quickly; all percentages and fractions and the like... I also think I flunked the IT test! WHAT, AFTER YOU TOOK THAT COURSE SKET? Yep, the course helped me to do bits but then they asked me to do stuff we hadn't covered. Fortunately the girl next to me struggled too. Other than that I think I aced the rest and also ended up as the natural leader for the 2 group exercises with the rest kinda looking at me for approval before we decided any course of action.

Cool :)

Incidentally, the last of the group exercises involved us sitting in a large circle discussing 8 imaginary people stuck in a rapidly flooding cave and deciding upon the order they should be rescued with the knowledge that some will die! Tasteful...

ps. electronic voice phemomena story coming up when I've got no news to report, probably tomorrow :)

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