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2005-06-13 - 3:59 p.m.

It's a bit of a strange day today. Apparently Phoe is a medical enigma 'cause she's got a disease she shouldn't have and my new bike has been delivered to the wrong address BUT fortunately it was delivered to some random person who happened to know me (and believe me, I don't know many people where I live as they are mostly 12 toed yokels).

You wanna know about Phoe first?

Well, last year she got a swollen face and pain in her ears. Turned out to be mumps (at her age!) There's nothing you can do about it apart from rest and take pain killers until your immunity kicks in and kicks it's arse. It kinda went away but would flare up every now and again (which apparently isn't supposed to happen). Anyhoo, her face swelled up big time Friday night and pain kept shooting up around her ears, down her jaw and up around her head so badly that the emergency doctor had to come out to her on Saturday. MUMPS. What? You've already had it? Impossible! You'll have to make an appointment to see your own GP on Monday.

Well, we've just got back and it is indeed Mumps and the doctor is baffled. He's been trying to call a microbiologist to find out what the feck is going on but she's away today. Phoe continues to scream out when the sharp pains come and I'm standing there like a twat smiling at her in a supportive way not actually knowing what I can do about it.

Ho hum. The doc asked for Phoe's mobile number so that he can get back to her asap with info about her freaky medical condition.

...and onto the bike saga. Mine got delivered to this other person's house. I was expecting to receive theirs and then we could swap. Well, the delivery morons realised their mistake and picked mine back up/delivered the correct bike to the other people whilst muttering that they couldn't find my address. It's been almost an hour and still no bike. I dunno what's going on; It was only a few streets away! WHERE'S MY FRICKIN BIKE?

Oh yeah, apparently it's p i n k. I was hoping it would come in a 'hard' colour so that I could at least look like I had some cred as I wobbled around in an attempt to raise my fitness levels :(

(mutter mutter) bloody pink (mutter)

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