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2005-03-02 - 11:48 a.m.

I am feeling particularly paranoid (and grumpy) today. The reason for my paranoia involves my diary stats. According to my records, someone of unknown origin visited my diary twice at around 2am yesterday, read 36 pages and then buggered off. 'So why the paranoia Sket?' Well, checking my 50 most read pages shows absolutely NO MOVEMENT so what the hell did they read? It's the Feds I tells ya, they're WATCHING me! If I should disappear mysteriously remember just this of me: She was grumpy, clumsy, had bad vegetarian wind and was pretty much one of lifes losers but she could pick up a full 2 litre bottle of diet coke with her toes. She was one hell of a girl...

In other news, I have been growing increasingly grumpy. Yesterday I was SO bloody arsey it's unreal. Phoe couldn't get a decent smattering of conversation from me without me speaking back to her as tho she was king cretin and rolling my eyes. Thing is, I know about it but can't do anything when I become possessed of the grump demon.

Unfortunately, Nigel decided to choose last night to call and ended up getting both barrels. I don't think the poor boy knew what had happened. One day, good ol' amiable Sket is talking to him and agreeing to give him a reference, next she is some screeching Harpy using expletives and disagreeing with everything he says!!!! Mon Dieu, what's going on? Firstly he dared to ask me whether I'd heard from the job we're both going for and then said that he really really wanted it. I argued that it would be foolish of him to take the job with such a large pay cut and he, god he's so arrogant, said that they'd have to offer him the pay they are offering at 6 months (an increase of 4,000). I told him that I would be sooo fucking pissed off if he took this job from under my nose on a whim, knowing how broke I am and the shit I'm in whilst he has so much money he doesn't know which motorbike to spend it all on next that I don't think I'd be able to talk to him again. He laughed nervously and changed the subject WHICH WAS TO START RUNNING DOWN MY FITNESS EFFORTS! How stupid are some men? Don't they notice the warning signs when they are talkign to an unreasonable, evil woman? He basically said that I haven't pushed myself hard enough at the gym! Considering he doesn't even go to my gym, that's rich! I won't go into the whole conversation, let's just say that Phoe could hear it from the other end of the house.

So much for me attempting to remain adult...

Short bits of news: Spoke to my friend Lisa yesterday. She had the old VW Beetle gang over, including my 'kinda ex' (we had a fling) who has been making noises for the past couple of years that he wants to meet up with me again next time I'm up in the Midlands. He was the one I spied on in a bloody bright green and orange Beetle when I thought he'd got another woman (chuckle). Apparently some of the others were winding him up 'cause he was acting really keen - bless him :)

Spoke to my other friend Musical Katherine who has just had some of her composition work recognised and is on her way to becoming, I dunno, a song writer I guess. She had sent off a demo of 5 songs (including one I did the vocals on) and the people loved them! Good for her, it's good to see some people are getting their dreams realised...

Oh yeah, they are now recruiting again for THE INTENDED JOB so I have exactly 2 weeks before I can go for it again. Nigel thinks I should wait a bit longer! Sigh...

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