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2005-09-10 - 1:07 p.m.

Y'know, I really haven't anything to tell anyone.

Sigh, erm.....

Oh, they extended my sentence at the call centre until at least the 31st October and there is whisper that I may get offered a permanent position. Fuck! If I'm offered it I'm going to have to take it and then I am going to be such a bastard to live with. I hate the place with a passion and all the other temps are leaving in droves 'cause they just can't bear the place. I know of at least 3 who don't have another job to go on to but they don't care, they just don't want to be there. I wish I could afford to do that.....

In other job related news, I need to write a letter to the recruitment people concerning my 6 month deadline re THE INTENDED JOB. I haven't achieved the level of health they require by quite a lot so I need to know when exactly the 6 months is up and what avenues of appeal I can explore. I mean, I passed their fitness tests, I'm a non-smoking veggie who doesn't particularly drink so it's not like I'm about to drop down dead or go off sick for months at a time is it? I must do it, I feel that this whole issue is behind my depression and I need to take the bull by the horns and finally find out whether they will accept me or whether I have to wait another 6 months before I am permitted to apply again from scratch. In my heart I feel that the latter scenario is going to be my fate but who knows, perhaps I will be smiled on.

In the meantime I am applying for jobs that will keep me going until I get where I want. That cosmetics company that rejected me advertised for graduates so I applied again. I haven't heard anything and I suspect that I haven't even got thru to the interviews this time. Well fuck 'em.

In yesterday's paper there was a job for a dog warden so I've sent for the application form. How funny is that? Driving along all day seeking out people who are allowing their dogs to shit with impunity all over the place. I remember in the local paper a few years back that one dog warden had taken his work so seriously that he had hidden in bushes with a camera and jumped out on an old lady who thought he was a pervert and had screamed blue murder whilst her dog shit itself! Heh heh, actually, I don't think that the main part of the job is seeking out jobbies, it will be rounding up strays and enforcing council orders on dangerous dogs etc. Heck, I could do that man. I don't give a monkey's what I do now so long as I'm safe and earning enough to live on.

Oh yeah, I discovered something a couple of evenings ago. After a text conversation with another Diarylander I decided to make myself a foil hat and see if I felt any better. Heck, you know what THEY are like with their spyware in the sky listening in to our thoughts (oh god, what am I saying?) so I made myself a foil hat. I DID make a startling discovery tho and this discovery is something I am about to share with you for future reference....

...the wearing of foil hats makes those around you (Phoe) inexplicably angry and they attack the aforementioned hat and demand that you remove them from your head. Perhaps SHE is one of THEM too.......

Ahem, After sounding like a complete nutter I think that I will save the story of the ghosts I saw for another day.

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