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2005-05-07 - 11:35 a.m.

Well, I got a letter today saying that I haven't been successful in my bid to get on the scheme which would fast track me through promotion in order for me to become a prison governor. It's probably for the best any way for 2 good reasons; 1) It would be just too damn scary putting me in charge of a bunch of criminals, and 2) I didn't want the job any way. I still can't help feeling slightly miffed tho. I KNOW I performed well, bloody well in fact, so I am wondering if it is the curse of being best friends with a high profile victim of serious crime at work again...

They did question me hard about the situation at interview and I could see that the bloke wasn't buying into my assertion that I wanted a career within the criminal justice system and that it genuinely wouldn't bother me if I came face to face with the bloke who'd committed the crimes which involved Phoe. We are both really strong people; she travels around the country giving presentations to police about her case and is really well adjusted. I really don't think that people can get their heads around the fact that we're not both babbling mental cases with a grudge against all criminals.

Sigh, so this new development means that I've lost the prison service avenue as well as the probation service option (Despite ALWAYS getting past the application form stage, I haven't heard back from them within the specified time), which means that I will have to work SUPER hard to get myself healthy in order to go for 'The Intended Job' afterall (whether I want to or not, it would seem).

What a shit :(

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