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2006-05-14 - 2:37 p.m.

Hmmmmmmm. Two things have freaked me out of late. I forgot to mention that I was freaked out at the probation service test-thing didn't I? When I first arrived I had been shown into a room with a circle of chairs which gradually filled with fellow candidates. Not long after I'd taken a seat a girl from my course at University walked in. We recognised each other but hadn't been friends or even moved in the same circles but that didn't matter, we started chatting like friends straight away - taking some comfort from a familiar face. Now here's the thing - she started to do something that Phoe has learned to do to me when she wants me to psych me out and make me mental! While we were talking, her eyes didn't focus on my face, she kept looking at a point on the top of my head (or was it in my hair?) like there was some awful thing just hanging there and she couldn't drag her eyes away!

I sat there, imagining bogies, toilet paper, a great festering spot, something written (phoe's done that to me before) or even a giant beetle or some other horrendous creature in my hair (a particular phobia of mine). Whenever she looked away or left the room I would sweep my hand over the area with a paranoid look on my face. Looking down at my hand there was nothing there yet when she returned her eyes would invariably be drawn back to that spot. In the end I could stand it no more and I was forced to find a mirror and have a good look and feel around the front of my hair.


What the feck was she looking at? It is a mystery that I will never be able to solve.

And the other thing, perhaps you could give me your thoughts on this one. I've previously mentioned a colleague at the hostel that I really liked who liked me back. He was a bit of a weirdo actually, long mad-man hair and beard, bulging mad person eyes, really tall and painfully thin (he doesn't sound too good from that description does he?)but he was in a relationship and was being father to her kids so it was a no-no from the start. PLUS I was due to leave the place so that put paid to anything. He was hysterical and bizarre and I don't think many people could understand him or knew which planet he was from. He appealed to my sense of humour and we got on really well.

Well, he contacted me thru email (I don't even know how he got my addy) and we've tentatively started to write to each other. I like to think it as an innocent friendship between 2 people with an alternative sense of humour but I suspect that I might be wrong. Firstly he set up a hotmail account JUST to talk to me with and now, today I received this email (well, are a couple of excerpts)and it starts off normally only to end in an erm, questionable segment:

"You say you don't like dull grey people.
let me give you some advice

NEVER NEVER NEVER work at area 51
thats all thats there little grey dull people that just hang around in giant
jars of gloop."

Yeah, funny

"HeH HeH HeH I think I'm on to something ........ but enough about my dildo."


"Well here is me using both hands to play with my tower sized penis whilst
think of licking both of your breast sweat from your naked bodies whilst
watching the banned episode of father ted.(that good for you) Shit
.................. just made a mess of the office, looks like a scene from

!!!!..am I being naive when I insist to myself that every thing's innocent and that he's just a bizarre individual with a strange sense of humour?

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