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2006-06-18 - 2:00 p.m.

Y'know, I was discussing with Phoe that I think that we are the only sane people in this whole frickin' world sometimes.

and I know that I often only have a shaky grip on this thing called sanity a lot of the time. Actually, so does she but I guess she's got a good excuse after what she's been through

Anyhoo, to my point, ignoring my own shortcomings and being incredibly judgemental and unpleasant in the process. PEOPLE! I can't bloody stand 'em. I don't want them to impose their presence on me, I don't want 'em to try and befriend me, I certainly don't want to be forced to go out of my way to be pleasant to them when I've decided to keep myself to myself and I'm a miserable bastard who doesn't deserve friends :(

I know it sounds selfish and by God I'll regret my attitude when I'm old and I die alone only to be found rotted into the carpet covered in flies, but I just want people around on my own terms. I think it's because of the people who've forced themselves into my existence within the past few years:

1) 'Carp Boy' - an internet chum that befriended Phoe, who was completely cool on-line/via the telephone and who invited himself down to stay. We were quite excited to have him come and visit initially but he was so completely shy (I'm assuming) in real life He wouldn't speak! He wouldn't make a decision (what do you want to drink? I don't mind. We've got tea, coffee, water, soda, juice; just tell me and I'll get it for you! I don't mind. Ok then, I'll piss in a glass for you), wouldn't take his coat off despite sweat running down his face and started to order the exact same food as Phoe in restaurants before mirroring her eating patterns exactly. In short, the guy was a freak.

2) 'Mad 'K'' - One of my chums who had always been a bit strange but when she came to stay I wanted to throw myself off a cliff. She didn't like the first hotel because her room smelled of toothpaste, she didn't like the next hotel because rather than re-decorate properly, they'd painted over the old stuff and the third hotel had an unpleasant bedspread. She would disappear into her own little world and be oblivious to the conversation. In short, she was hard work.

Mad Wazza - Phoe's Dad, enough said.....

...actually, I won't continue. This entry could go on for hours. Basically, the conversation started because one of Phoe's friends is coming to stay. THIS one, refuses to brush her teeth if she can see a toilet and she refuses to eat anything that she hasn't watched being prepared. BUT she will eat ice cream and chips. She keeps phoning up demanding to know what the weather is like (as if we have any say in the bleeding matter) and whinging that she only likes the good weather. She wants to go cycling but not on road. We've got a great 12 mile round trip that takes in a fantastic pub and is mainly along a safe cycle path/disused railway line.

OH, but her friend who is coming needs to get a bike with very small wheels because she isn't confident AND she needs to keep stopping and won't even attempt any hills, even very slight ones. Bear in mind that if they do, by some miracle make it to the pub, the other one won't fucking eat anything because she won't have seen it being prepared.

I'm glad I'm going to be at work because I can't tolerate anyone any more. I've told Phoe that I don't know if I can be bothered to speak to someone who won't be brushing their teeth for the best part of a week because they are being ridiculous and could organise SOME kind of alternative. For fucksake, the woman's going to have to eat a shovel full of horseshit every day just to tone down the stench of her breath. Fortunately we have plenty of horses around here so we can take her somewhere she will be able to see the shit drop out of the beast's arse first.

I've been a right misery lately; it's probably my happiest state to be honest. I suspect I'm being more grumpy than usual because I've had the 2 grown-up type interviews to attend and I'm back to square one with THE INTENDED JOB which means I've got to get fit for that damn endurance run which nearly killed me the first time again. I'm currently avoiding working on the presentation I have to give tomorrow for the full day of tests for the last stage of the Probation Service training/job.

I shall be off sick from work with a migraine tomorrow btw (wink wink)

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