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2005-10-13 - 9:25 p.m.

I don't feel as manic as yesterday thank dog. I am starting to realise that yes, I truly am away from call centre hell and that I can calm down and not be so anxious. Talking about that place, Caligula texted me to tell me that they are shutting down his department and he is to be made redundant unless he transfers into the CALL CENTRE OF DOOM

I told him to take the redundancy and run.....

Phoe went to the doctor today and he is baffled. He has agreed to do the blood test tomorrow at the surgery when I am back from work and able to hold her hand or something. The usual clinic place shuts too early. She seems ok at the moment, perhaps my verbal reasoning skills have had some effect. Then again, this isn't tomorrow 5 minutes before blood test time.

Mad Waz is still refusing to go to hospital. Apparently he is in agony whenever he sits up and his stomach moves or touches his legs. I'm going to leave it at that 'cause he makes me too angry.

Oh, and now I'VE got a painful patch around my ovary area. Bugger.....

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