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2005-06-29 - 9:37 p.m.

God I'm depressed.

I did rally myself for a short while when I received the phone call giving me the date and time of my second interview for the less shitty job than the shitty job I already have whilst I wait for my real life to start happening.

Then it occurred to me that the second interview is 8 days away which means another week of being in the black hole of call centre hell. Then it occurred to me that they might say that they'll be 'in touch' when all the second interviews have been conducted which might be ANOTHER week. THEN the horrifying thought came to me that I (in a small voice) might not get this less shitty job and then I will fear for my sanity.

I've decided on the 'food poisoning' lie for my sudden and unexpected sick day which will be next Thursday.

....in the meantime I've eaten like a bastard and now I feel sick. I have a constant battle with wanting to eat every damn thing within a 2 mile radius whether it be stale bread or dry pasta (don't have time to cook it) when I'm in this kind of mood. I even snuck out to the shop and bought some flap-jacky type things dipped in chocolate and attempted to eat all 6 before I drove home. I only managed 2 so have the others hidden (ironically) in my gym bag. I'm sure I was a locust in a previous life :(

Hopefully I will be back to my normal simple grumpy self tomorrow. Actually, while I was in this mood I took the opportunity to call up the company I am 'supposed' to be getting the bike from to give them hell and tell them that their delivery company are a bunch of morons and that shaved monkeys could do a better job. The girl sounded terrified but even though I know that she too has been damned by Fate to spend her days in a level of call centre hell I didn't give a shit. I just want my frickin bike!

...and finally, yesterday was the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. As I live near to Portsmouth where Nelson's original Flagship (The Victory) is in dry dock I was able to go down to the beach along with thousands of others to watch the celebrations which included a huge fleet review, a recreation of the battle using sound and lights and a huge firework display. There were ships and sailors (ooh err) from all over the world taking part in the review and it was a major event.

.....shame it pissed down with rain and we couldn't really see much from our side of the Solent. The biggest event from my point of view was when Phoe went to the toilet only to find that there was human shit everywhere and she was convinced that she had trodden in it and stunk. I of course reassured her that she did (as best friends do) :)

It was dark and misty so the pics aren't very good but if you are interested, click below for a few:

Trafalgar 200 pictures

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