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2005-05-05 - 10:56 p.m.

Well, Citizen Sket did her duty and voted for the first time as a new Brit.

It was all rather quick and a bit of a let down actually. I mean, I wasn't expecting a fanfare or anything but I expected something a little more grand than 3 old women and a ginger cat in a damp church hall handing out scraps of paper. We had to vote for 3 things in my area (government, the council and whether we want a referendum on getting a mayor. In other words, we've voted on whether we want to vote on something later on)

The good news is that I went to see the doctor and they reckon they can get me fixed up within 6 months so I'll offer a tentative wa-hoo to the heavens. I had to go for a blood test and they will talk me through some stuff next week.

Oh yeah, I just wanted to say, I didn't fail my medical 'cause I'd used out of date chemicals on my erm, bits and burnt the shit outta them. That was something completely different and something which seems to be healing up a bit now. Rather than looking like a singed chicken down there, I look like Kojak now so all is well.

....and I don't want any lollypop jokes, geddit?

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