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2006-06-21 - 6:00 p.m.

Yes my migraine was productive. I went to my interview for the final stage of recruiting for the Probation Service.


Because I'm me I left doing my presentation til the last minute and didn't get to bed until 2am. Boy was I a bastard when I had to get up again at 6am! I genuinely looked like I'd been murdered. I fell asleep on the train and woke myself up by moaning. At least I hadn't drooled all down myself though. I do recall the sound of laughter in my slumbering state but I can't remember if I was dreaming or if everyone in the carriage was laughing at me. Personally I suspect the latter. Heck, it doesn't take a Victorian detective with a drug habit to work that one out does it?

I made it into the top 40 out of 950 anyway. That's good innit? My presentation went surprisingly well, it was timed to perfection and I knew my stuff. Probably because I'd only finished it a couple of hours before. The semi-structured interview was a complete bastard and if I've failed then I've failed because of that. Everyone came out of that part looking shaken actually so I might not have done entirely terribly. The scripted interview was ok but they did ask questions that I wasn't prepared for and being so dog tired I found it difficult to think on my feet and remember the buzz-words they like to hear. Serves me right if I've fucked it really doesn't it?

As for the other job - the internal one I interviewed for last week. Well, I've made it to the final stage for that one too! This interview is TO-FUCKING-MORROW! I've had a tip off about one of the major themes they will question me on from the guy who is leaving which was bloody nice of him.

The thing is, I'm up against the other internal applicant and she's really pretty, well dressed and classy. She also flirts with our potential boss outrageously. I'm not classy in any shape or form and I'm the kind of person who tries hard only to see it all go wrong and turn up at an important event looking like a bloody ninja! I just ain't got it have I (rhetorical question Pyro - don't say nice stuff about me. I don't deserve it and I'm proud of my craptitude. Believe me,you wouldn't want to stroke my hair; it's so curly it's tangled and things get trapped in it only to die in fear and agony. My hair is the Venus Fly Trap of the hair-do world)

...back to my point. I can see that we both have our strengths and if there is very little between us he will go with the totty. I'm just going to have to blow 'em away tomorrow won't I?

Oh yeah, the other thing. If I DO get this job I'm going to have to get a new car. I'll need a less conspicuous and cheaper running vehicle for all my appointments. I mean, would you appreciate being evicted by some curly haired pratt in a dented orange comedy car?

(I drive an old 1971 VW Beetle - I told you that already didn't I?)

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