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2005-03-31 - 7:22 p.m.

Today I discovered why I was rejected for the Psychological Assistant's job with the prison service. If you remember, it was working with either violent or sexual offenders in order to help them address their offending behaviours. Having a degree in criminology and criminal justice, having completed my 10,000 word dissertaion on violent and sex offenders, having geared other areas of my study towards understanding this type of offender and having a best friend who was the victim of a serious sexual assault and also having helped her regain her strength, I felt that I had walked the interview. Taking all of those credentials into account I am not surprised I had 'an episode' a while back after being rejected.

You wanna know why I was rejected?

They did mention the babbling at 100mph throughout the interview and me wandering away from the question at hand, I can appreciate that. It's something I am aware of and am trying to combat. It's a nerves and confidence thing - just keep talking Sket and perhaps they will realise just how wonderful you are. They did acknowledge that I demonstrated a sound knowledge of the field, team playing and the ability to network. Then came the 2 killer comments:

'Your description of past experience in this area did not always appear consistent with your theoretical approach', and

'The panel were concerned that your motivations appeared to be primarily driven from the perspective of a close contact of yours who has been a victim of a sexual offence'.

In other words, they didn't see the wealth of strength giving experience that my friendship with Phoe has given me and they rejected me for it. I don't know if they thought I would be a security risk or that I would go mental once faced with a bunch of criminals who have committed crimes similar to the one committed against my friend. Who knows? All I do know is that they have lost out on someone who is bloody strong in the face of adversity and who understands these crimes without being judgemental and whilst maintaining a healthy empathy for the victims who often get forgotten. I'm a hard cow and I've been thru too much to get upset about shit easily. I did try to address these very concerns at the interview but obviously they had already decided that no one could be objective if they knew a victim.

Horse shit!

Well, I came to the conclusion that if these fuckers didn't want me then so be it. Everything happens for a reason and in my heart I DON'T want to help these bastards, I wanna catch and LOCK 'EM UP. I just gotta get through the fitness and interview on the 12th.

In other news, the DSS made me apply for a shitty customer service job and today I received an email from them offering me an interview for a better job in 'internal sales' whatever that is. If it's hassling people to buy their tat they can piss off. I just dont' get the 'internal' bit. I'd better find out hadn't I?

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