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2005-08-02 - 7:09 p.m.

I got back from Birmingham a little earlier on and I had a great time. There was an armed robbery at the shops near to where I live with two people getting shot.


Unfortunately I missed the action by about 4 minutes and thought that someone had been knocked down (again) when I saw all the police cars.

Oh, yeah. I had a great time at my friends' Hen night too. As I tend not to drink any more I accidentally got myself shit-faced on champers and wine (I HATE wine, it all tastes like metal) but still, I knocked back glass after glass, got loud and told everyone an inappropriate story about a used condom that I found on the street earlier on in the day and as I pointed at it to show my Mom an old woman stopped next to it, pointed whilst asking if I had dropped it and went to bend down as if to pick it up for me. I can only assume she was nearly blind and thank the heavens she was slow at bending as I really don't know where I would have put myself if she had picked the thing up. Fortunately I was able to stop her and run away as my internal heat rose to alarming levels and threatened to make me combust only to be remembered as a small piece in the Fortean Times...

Fortunately the girls on the night out laughed and Katherine's elderly mother and aunt hadn't yet arrived at this point.

Blimey, if they hadn't arrived yet I must have been pissed REALLY early on!

The food was ok but was this nouvelle cuisine shite and my starter (sorry, appetizer) turned out to be 3 fucking mushrooms on a giant plate without any form of garnish but each splashed with some kinda gunk. My main course was angel hair pasta and very nice. The others had a variety of weirdly decorated stuff placed centrally onto giant plates with varying degrees of coloured gunk artistically swirled around it. Still, it was a good night and I'm glad I made the effort to go back up there and see everyone. I was well loved and pampered by one and all :)

Which brings me to my return home and something which is probably trivial but has really hurt me deeply. The very first on-line friend I ever made has deleted me from his 'friends' list on fotothing. We are part of an on-line community and everyone there has each other listed as friends and suddenly I'm not on his list. I haven't communicated with him for months so I know I haven't done anything wrong. Great innit? The only thing I can think of is that he's suddenly in a serious relationship and perhaps its something to do with that altho I've never been in a relationship with him and I don't think he's deleted any of the other girls on the list (I'll have to go and check). Heck, I've never even MET the bloke in the flesh. We were really friendly years ago but he seems to be one of these that gets bored with people and hasn't bothered with me for years. Sigh, I guess I shouldn't let it get to me but I just feel so hurt :(

Welcome home Sket, let the shittiness begin...

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