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2005-08-23 - 7:09 p.m.

Say wha?

Have you ever been having a half conversation with someone and they say something that you didn't quite catch but you thought it was something quite surreal and then were too embarrassed to ask them to repeat themselves?

So, there's a guy at work who reminds me of Caligula and I was sat by him a couple of weeks ago and we started chatting. He was quite nice and cycles a lot so we discussed his thighs of steel and one of his old army pals who he'd lost touch with and misses. I had advised him to check out Friends Reunited as they have a Services section.

So that was then.

TODAY, I was sitting somewhere away from him and he came by and asked how I was etc. He was standing with his back to an open door that had a big printer thing going in the background so I was kinda straining to hear him. This is the conversation as I THINK it went.

Sket "Did you go onto Friends Reunited and search for your friend?"

Caligula "Actually no, not yet I've been really busy"

Sket "Oh well, never mind....."

Caligula "'Cause of course, I've got the Guinnea Pigs now" looks at Sket with eyebrows raised to add meaning to whatever the fuck he'd just said.

Sket nodding and trying to look inteleeeegunt and as if she's still party to the conversation "Oh..... right. Yeah, of course"

Caligula smiling about something or other. His furry burden perhaps (?) "Yeah, 'cause of course the Guinnea Pigs take up all of my time now"

With that my brain wouldn't allow me to continue talking with him and I smiled vacantly before turning my back on him. GUINNEA PIGS? How can fecking Guinnea Pigs take up all your time? They are surely self sufficient once you've given them some food and water. Perhaps he's inherited a farm full of the buggers but then again, who the feck farms Guinnea Pigs? Perhaps he didn't say Guinnea Pigs but what even SOUNDS the same? I know I can be a bit crap sometimes but for fucksake!

I guess I will file this conversation alongside that with the woman who told me she was ill and wore a nappy (full story somewhere within my diary. Perhaps I'll seek it out and put the link up if anyone cares enough to want to read it again)

...so that's today. I had another old git kicking off at me today because he, well, I don't actually know why he kicked off. He was from the mainland and was ranting that Islanders get a big discount on travel. I wish some people would get a bloody life....

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