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2005-04-14 - 10:16 p.m.

Now that everything work related is kinda done and dusted I can stop boring you all with tales of me crying 'cause I've got to move my lazy arse out of the chair, or that fit Nigel is coming and won't take 'being grumpy' as a valid excuse not to exercise with him.....

...and so I can now return to my musings and observations.

I've been meaning to mention this for a week or so but keep forgetting; Phoe had a show on tv one night that was so horrific it was compulsive viewing. It started with sperm swimming up a woman and one getting into the egg which is nothing new. From there it showed, in full graphic detail, the cycle of the fertilised egg and how it developed. I think that the close-up camera shots of the gigantic kids' head coming out of what was like a massively stretched 'lady garden' will remain burned into my psyche for ever more.

It was like a bloody horses collar after she'd shat the thing out! I tell you, I'm bloody glad that no one has ever shown any inclination to impregnate me! I'd run off screaming after seeing that show :(

...but that's not what I wanted to tell you all. They said on this show that man shares DNA with:

* Apes
* The Fruit Fly

We share bits of DNA with a yellow flower and a bug with a short life span! How cool is that?

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