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2005-05-26 - 12:09 p.m.

I had to sit next to a woman who smelled of dog shit at work yesterday. It's really off putting to spend 9 hours getting regular canine whiffery all day. I dunno if she'd trod in it, had dog-fart farts of her own or had simply shit herself. I suspect she is one of the phantom ladies room shitters any way.

....nice woman, if you can get past the stink of shit around her.

I was also sitting beneath the air conditioning duct and as the morning progressed I could feel the membrane at the back of my nose/roof of my mouth getting very tight and painful - first sign I'm getting a head cold. As the day progressed I came down ill fast and hard. By lunch time I felt like utter and complete shit. Unfortunately 2 people had already gone home sick (the gay kid I started with, cause apparently he'd got an impacted shit and had guts ache. Why incidents/stories of shit keep following me around is something I'll never fathom) so they made if difficult for me to go home.

I dosed myself up and rallied myself to survive until I finished at 8.30pm. I do know that I was talking shit to people most of the time as my brain had decided to go home without me. I finally got home and went straight to bed where my teeth chattered and I was frozen to the bone.

Pretty much lost my voice today and when I called in sick I was hassled AGAIN 'cause others were ill. Fucking great innit? I've spent all day dosing myself up and trying to lick the infection or whatever it is so that I can go in tomorrow. Fucking place....

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