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2005-09-15 - 1:33 a.m.

Just a quickie 'cause I should be in bed. As it is, I'll have 5 hours sleep before I need to get up and go to work again so I don't want to make it any less.

Here it is: I have posted an application to become the head of the dogshit patrol where I live. It just amuses me to think that I could go from degree student to official arsehole who stinks of shit. Actually, I downgrade the job, it's as the council animal warden so it'll be doing all kinds of stuff such as driving about in a van and chasing animals around the place trying to catch 'em. Hey, it'll take me out of this call centre hell and into something interesting and safe until I can sort out my proper life.

...also, in depressingly typical news, I have had a phonecall to go for an interview at ANOTHER call centre which may be reasonably less shit than the current shit call centre I work for now. I just know that out of everything I've applied for I am most likely to end up exactly where I am or at another fucking call centre. THIS is why I get depressed. 3 years studying criminology and I can't get a decent break. I couldn't even be bothered to explain to some stupid old git today that no, I haven't memorised every postcode in the country so I know exactly which street he lives in off the top of my head, I input it into a computer which tells me. For fecksake!!!! When he spoke with quiet awe at my skill I just shrugged and told him it was a gift.

Oh yeah, and we are getting our shit old 60's holiday home kitchen ripped out and a brand spanking new one put in. I can't wait, we will be able to reorganise the space and get a washing machine plumbed in too which will negate any further chance of me burning the skin off my other tit too soon :)

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