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2005-01-05 - 10:04 p.m.

I am still trying to recover from my 'over-sharing with the folks who read my diary' situation. For those of you disgusted, you will be pleased to know that my foul wind has cleared up and harmony/fresh air has been restored to my living environment.

Phoe and I went to the place to get de-gunked today. Y'know, that place that detoxifys your body through your feet!

The Smegster (for that is what I call Phoe) went first and the crap that came out of her was mostly green slime and a few bubbles which indicates the presence of infection somewhere in her body and that her liver and kidneys have released a load of shit. It was my first detox and as I drink a lot of herbal tea and plain water I thought everyone would be impressed with my lack of toxins.

Were they F...


It looked like the inside of someone's bowels after they'd eaten a mound of rotten curry or something. Vile! I was a bit pissed off that the vacuous girl couldn't tell me what dark brown slime meant but she did say that I had an inordinate amount of bubbles which meant I had some major infection going through my system. She said that it could mean that I'm harbouring a cold that is about to reveal itself but I kinda think that it's something to do with all the lumps I get. I've got a cracking one come up on my groin. It's solid and really red and painful. I dunno whether to start taking the homeopathic snake venom again or see if the de-gunking sorts it.

I dunno, me and my knackered out old bod :(

Oh yeah, my brain seems to have sorted itself out too; I recognise both my teeth and thumb again.

Sket, yer a freak...

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