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2005-11-19 - 7:57 p.m.

I'm bloody cursed at the moment! After almost burning the house down Thursday night and spending all of Friday worrying about how I was going to cover up my deed before my 'compulsive-disorder syndromed' house mate returned from working away (she owns the bloody place), I have had glass in my foot, dropped a glass in a separate glass breaking incident and eaten a couple of poached eggs which I discovered weren't cooked thoroughly and were in fact still quite cold (I was hungry so ate them any way) and had an horrific Blair Witch moment day today!

I'll tell you about today in a sec as I am going to relish the fact that I am at home in the warm and that neither the fire, the wounding nor food poisoning sent to me by the Fates have as yet 'got' me.

Anyhoo, They tried even harder today....

Phoe and I tried a new circular cycle route today somewhere we've never been before. I've already told you that Phoe lies in quite late and so we didn't start out as early as I'd have liked. In fact, it was about 3pm. It was only a 9 mile ride so we figured we'd be back well before it got dark (which is about 4.30ish now that the winter nights are drawing in).

The route was mainly along a disused railway line which followed the edge of a tidal estuary, next we had to take a chain ferry, ride thru some back streets of a small town and back along the estuary on the other side and to where we started.

Ok, that was the plan. The reality was that the first half was great, the chain ferry was great THEN we got lost in the town and started to lose the light. I don't have any freaking lights on my bike and started to get majorly stressed. I shouted to Phoe that we were going to have to cycle hard in order to get back before we completely lost the light. UNFORTUNATELY (isn't that always the phrase I end up using whenever I'm telling you stuff?) we had a big chunk of seriously up-hill cycling and I was screwed and had to get off and walk which slowed us right down. THEN we had a big down hill section on a thin country road as the light was seriously fading. By the time we got to the next marker which was a pub it was pitch black.

To make things worse, from this pub we had the cross country section of the ride which was along the banks of the estuary and thru bits of woodland, over rickety bridges and thru mud and swampy bits. To say that I was seriously shitting myself was an understatement. We absolutely couldn't see where we were going, were in the middle of nowhere with no way out and were bickering with each other. I was getting aggrivated because Phoe had the light and every time she came across a muddy patch she would suddenly stop and I would crash into the back of her and end up putting my feet down in the mud. She was getting pissed off with the whole situation and me yelling at her to 'just keep fucking going will you!'

My feet were soaking wet, we could feel the temperature dropping and eventually we fell into a miserable silence whilst we pondered the fact that we might end up having to be rescued from the mud flats or that we might be murdered by some monster lurking in the wooded areas.

Of course, we made it back. I wouldn't be telling you guys about it if we hadn't :)

Bloody winter nights drawing in and scaring the bejeeeeezus out of idiots who leave the house too late to cycle miles away from civilisation!

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