PyroJack - 2006-04-16 13:04:39
Me? Me, tell you off? Why, I wouldn't think of it! No, nay, never! (now where are those goddamned pictures!??)
ijbison - 2006-04-16 14:08:58
Yeah! The negative revolution starts here! No more silver linings. No more looking on the bright side. Worse things DON'T happen at sea. And all glasses are officially half-empty. With you all the way on this one Sket! (from one of the most miserable fuckers in the north-east - and there's a lot of competition here)
SpacePope - 2006-04-18 14:02:07
Allways look on the bright side of life... Wheehoo..Wheehoo.....Wheehoo..Wheehoo..Wheehoo...Wheehoo! When you look at it life's a piece of shit so it really doesn't even matter anyway.... You know the rest of the song, I am sure.

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