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2005-08-18 - 8:05 p.m.


So, those bastards that I work for are in the shit and I'm bloody glad that I wasn't at work today I can tell you.

I went to the gym and on the way back Phoe called me to say that THE company (which is a ferry operator who will remain nameless)has been splashed all over the local news and has had it's safety licence snatched away after the Marine Safety Board (or whoever) discovered that they'd had a couple of fires on board one of the passenger ferries and hadn't bothered to report it! Apparently this was back in May and the Board have only just discovered this rather worrying information. Like I say, ooops!

I sent a text to my mate there (btw, the gay guy and the totally un-hot girl who thought and told everyone she was totally hot with her bad Rod Stewart hair do who started at the same time as me have gone already) to find out if it had been a nightmare at work today. She replied that it had and she had spent the day pissing herself with laughter over the whole situation and had been forced to come home on a weird pleasure cruser thing that had been drafted in to keep the route going!

Glad I'm not in tomorrow too :)

Other than that I've got no news. Phoe and I did a 13 mile bike ride to one of the village pubs and back yesterday and I've got to say, I've never seen so many hot blokes around the place as I saw on that cycle trail! Phew (fans herself), I almost rode my bike into a ditch at one point! They all seemed to be shirtless, tanned and sinuey. A couple even had longish dreadlocked type hair (swooooon). Blimey, actually, typing that reminded me of when I used to let my hair go a bit dready and had small bells and beads sewn into it. Blimey, I'd forgotten all that....

I'm going to have to do that again and get me ol' didgeridoo out and earn a crust from all the stranded ferry passengers. Now, if only I could nail that pesky double breathing thing I'll be laughing :)

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