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2005-02-02 - 11:09 a.m.

Phew, my big week is over and I can return to my relative hermitude and pajama wearing for a little longer.

Yesterday was my meeting with one of the trainers from the force I failed to get into last October. He wanted to see all of my feedback and see what he could do to help me. He was brilliant! I received an afternoon of coaching in order to learn to say whatever I need to say in the way they prefer to hear it and in a way which will bang how good I could be into their stupid thick heads (he even conceded that the bloke who had failed me was a 'fuck-wit' which made me feel better).

This guy, bless him, could see no reason why I didn't get in last time around after we went through the questions I'd been asked so I am going to go for it again as soon as my 5 month wait is over (next month) and he is going to keep in touch and advise me what I should do if I again get rejected; he really believes in me which is great. Unfortunately, according to their website they aren't feckin' recruiting any more for the time being!

Luck, where are you when I need you?

(down the pub with Fate having a good laugh at my expense that's where! They can't fool me...)

Actually, talking about luck and me not having a fat lot of it, I bloody fell over again! I know that this has very little to do with luck but probably does have a lot to do with me being a clumsy git, but still, I can feel sorry for myself and blame the fates can't I? This time I slipped on a crack in the park which had been filled in with tar which was very smooth and wet from the rain. I've knackered the knee I went down on, my ankle, my wrist and my shoulder which got wrenched. Clumsy cow :(

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