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2005-05-01 - 11:44 p.m.

I'm back.

It's done me the world of good, going home to see my Mom for a couple of days. I have calmed down enough to understand that I haven't actually failed my medical, my application has been deferred until I can address certain health issues and I have a maximum of 6 months in which to do it. I don't really want to go into exactly what they said but it can be done, it'll just be fucking difficult. I have a challenge and I as I am a stubborn cow I will rise to this challenge and not give up until I know 100% that I have fucked it.

In other news: I saw my friend's baby and was able to persuade her that it wouldn't be a good idea if I held him (what with my legendary level of catastrophic accidents). I can safely say that I left the house and the kid wasn't damaged in any way - phew!

AND my other friend Lisa's husband (who decided he hated my guts after I accidently kinda shagged most of his friends, screwed up their heads and watched them disappear in different directions never to be part of his gang again) has thawed and asked her to invite me over for the evening! Before I continue I have to say that in my defence, I didn't shag the lads all in one go or anything; I was the only single girl who was part of an extended gang of VW Beetle enthusiasts and we would all go to shows around the country and camp and kinda get drunk, fancy each other and well, you know, end up together for a time. It certainly wasn't my fault things didn't work out - relationships start and end all the time!

....anyhoo, it's been years since he spoke to me yet this time when I was up in Brum he apparently decided that he was too old to carry a grudge so it looks as tho I'm no longer the black sheep of the gang! Inviting me over was really such a small thing but it really made me feel warm inside. I probably wouldn't have moved away had this whole unpleasant situation (and at the time, it really was unpleasant) arose. As it happens I couldn't go over, I was due to catch the train back home, but it'd be absolutely lovely to see the remains of the old Beetle gang next time I'm up.

I might even get a shag out of it


(I could do with a shag tho, it's been bloody AGES)

sigh, I'll behave :(

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