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2005-04-18 - 11:54 p.m.

...and so ends my first day back in call centre hell.

Everyone is so excited for me and I think that they are disappointed that I can't get enthused.

Sorry, I just can't.

On one hand I am grateful that I am away from the DSS, on the other I know that I now have 5 months of shittiness yawning ahead of me.

I am so tired.

My body clock is out of sync with the real world and now I have got to force myself to rejoin the shadowy and once elusive 'real life' brigade.

I am one of 4 who started today; one girl in her 20's, one plump 18 year old girl who thinks she's hot and an extremely camp 17 year old boy who was excited that Clinton's Cards were selling pencils with pink fluffy stuff all over them....

God I feel old.

I discovered that I no longer can think down to the level of a teenager. It's just as well I won't be able to mentor any more. I've been a right miserable faced bitch today.

I need some sleep...

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