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2006-03-21 - 8:23 p.m.

It's been ages hasn't it?

A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks, so much in fact that I can't be bothered to go into it all fully. I've added a little something fun to this entry (if it works) - put on your sound and you should hear one of my favourite bands playing one of their songs which kinda sums up how I'm feeling at the moment.

So, you wanna know what's going on?

I've had notice that I will definitely be losing my job at the end of this month, the police have informed me that it's taken me too long to sort out my health problem and if I still want to go for THE INTENDED JOB I'll have to reapply again from scratch (including re-running that fucking bleep test), I've been turned down for the job I went for back at Head Office (back in the department I left before I came to work at the hostel), I need a new engine for my beetle (1,500) and I've kinda met someone I like a lot and who likes me too. The only problem is, he's got a partner and is father to her kid so I'm not going there!

(I do really like him tho, he's a mad-eyed, wild haired hippy and we've had some of THE most excellent and surreal conversations! It probably won't be an issue soon as I will be leaving work and possibly won't see him again. I caught him sneakily taking my photo on his camera phone on Monday......sigh. Fucking typical of my luck!

....oh yeah, I almost got my head kicked in a couple of weeks ago in a road rage incident. Why is it that shaved gorillas in cars, when THEY cut you up, get all aggressive when you honk the horn and gesticulate at them? THIS arsehole was in the wrong and he stopped his car in the middle of the road and got out in order to, well, I don't know what his intention was but as he had a stupid looking woman in the car and a girl in an old orange Beetle had 'dissed' him by honking at his appauling (sorry, manly) driving, I guess he had to save face in case the woman thought he had a small penis or something. Any way, I was on the way to the vet and not in the mood to stop and get into a fight (I do like a good fight tho) so I just carried on driving and nearly went over his foot (not really, but wouldn't that have been great?). Nah, I just drove around him like he wasn't there.


...and that's it. I went for a shitty admin job interview and they did a personality profile on me. Although it came out really quite well, in one light you could say that it portrayed me as a bunny-boiling psycho who couldn't give a shit about her workmates! I hope that whoever decides on the outcome doesn't see it that way........

Oh yeah, how many fucking hits has this diary received from dirty bastards googling 'shitting women'? SHITTING WOMEN? For fucksake pal (for I know that subsequent searches will bring them to this page), put your dick away, go out and get a life. You have really got to get away from your computer and get your pale, skin out into the sunshine and meet a nice girl.

.....or perhaps a girl who will shit on you in person, if that's the bag you are in to!

for my regular readers, they've been bought here due to me telling you all about the phantom shitter when I worked in that call centre last summer

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