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2005-07-07 - 9:37 p.m.

Gosh, they blew up London! I don't really have much to say apart from how kinda proud I felt that the emergency plan seemed to work well and that those who were there and were interviewed didn't give the hysterical reactions that I would guess those who were involved in the bombings were expecting. You could say that it's the old London spirit of the blitz kicking in, or that London commuters, famed for their ability to shut themselves off from everything around them when travelling, just took it all philosophically in their stride. Like a top ranking police someone-or-other said, it was never a question of 'if' it would happen, more a question of 'when'. Blessings be to the relatives and those who've been killed and injured tho of course....

So, after all that I will now resume to be completely self-centred and grumpy:

1) The Second Interview - didn't feel as tho it went as well as the first. I was interviewed by 2 different women and I didn't feel as much of a connection. I also kinda feel that one of them was pushing the questions in a direction that sounded as if they thought I, as a qualified aromatherapist who used to have my own business, was hoping to 'get in' and steal their business from under them! Heaven forfend! I can't be bothered for all of that shit (she said, in a very un-cut throat business woman kinda way)

...'sides, my business partly failed 'cause I had no one on my back telling me what time to be at work so I used to open when I felt like it and close when I was pissed off I should be ashamed but I'm inherently lazy and I recognise this and welcome it :)

2) The Freakin' Bike - Had a message on my answer machine from a scared sounding woman who wanted to inform me that, after completing a thorough investigation, they have come to the conclusion that my second bike is 'lost' somewhere too. Like I said previously, strategically shaved monkeys could have delivered my bike sooner than these moronic cretinous buffoons! I've had to order ANOTHER bugger now. I did ask the woman if it was bloody well worth it and she just said '3rd time lucky' like that was going to make any bleeding difference! So, there are 2 robbing scrotes out there somewhere riding around on my frankly embarrassingly coloured pink bikes. I hope they get blisters and carbuncles all around their arseholes.

3) Feeling Sick - I've done nothing but eat again today and I feel really sick. I'm going to have to starve myself tomorrow. I wouldn't mind but I haven't even been hungry, just weirdly obsessed. As we've had nothing good in the house it's mostly been a loaf of toast and raisins. Oh, and some more of those bloody flapjacks (fortunately I've had my sickening of them now). What else have I had? I can't remember. Perhaps I didn't eat as much as I thought after all....

I still feel like chucking my guts up everywhere tho.

...Oh yeah, remind me to look ill tomorrow when I go to work, I had (cough) food poisoning today and absolutely DIDN'T go for an interview, no siree.....

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