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2005-07-13 - 12:43 a.m.

Ok, I'm going to tell you something reasonably disgusting so if you don't want to hear it stop reading now...

So, you know that I am losing my mind in the deepest level of Dantes' Hell (commonly known as the Call Centre level where the damned souls of sinners have to sit for hours at a time listening and trying to sound interested in sodding arseholes and their problems. I have in fact perfected the voice that sounds interested combined with a jovial laugh whilst sporting the facial expressions of the dead). Any way, back to the story, I believe that I've not only lost my mind but I think I've lost the mind of my only friend there too.

Basically, weeks ago I told her of my late shift madnesses (the boobs thing and the having to lie down in the corridor and twitch whilst laughing maniacally to myself etc. ) Now she has had 3 weeks of late shifts and gone mad too. I almost pissed myself when she told me that she has been forced to leave strategically placed bogies on walls and other places in the hope that they will become attached to one of the horrible bitches that works there (and by God there are a lot of horrible, spiteful bitches in that place).

....but don't worry, I've been told where to be careful. I think that we should produce a bogie map of where and where not is safe and leave it somewhere when we are made redundant at the end of the summer :)

Gross eh?

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