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2007-02-22 - 7:11 p.m.

Woah now! The crazy woman-hating, violent, wife-beating, paranoid Offender no longer has 'man flu' and boy he made up for being like a little lamb last week. He yelled, used more swear words per sentence than non-swear words, gesticulated, waved his finger in my face, called my colleagues (the ones he's met AND the ones he hasn't) a bunch of wankers who combine with the police and social services to support women and bring men down. He still denies punching his partner in the face DESPITE witness statements from 4 people and states that he would rather go to prison rather than complete 6 half hour sessions of alcohol counselling.

Y'know, he yelled and swore for so long that I kinda entered 'Sketty World' and stopped listening to him at one point, placing bets with myself on how long it would take him to pass out - the guy didn't seem to stop for a breath! The arsehole poor lamb should have a sore throat today too after that display. Blimey.

When the session was finished and I saw him off I walked into the reception office to discover about 5 other members of staff sitting wide-eyed and freaked! I had suspected his yelling would have travelled throughout most of the downstairs area of the building but didn't realise that a crowd had formed and that they had switched all the CCTV monitors on to my interview in order to make sure he wasn't killing me. Heh heh.....

Heck, I wasn't scared - I've got a karmic 'get out of the shit free' card after everything I've been through with Phoe. 'sides, he wasn't making eye contact with me, he was having a big boy tantrum. Idiot.

Other than that - I've picked up a cold and feel pretty shitty. I felt much better when I decided to come home from work. Y'know, they ought to do research into the healing properties of thinking 'fuck it - I'm going home', cause this isn't the first time I've looked like death only to cheer right up and almost jump into the air clicking my heels when I've made the same decision. Prob is, I came home and went to bed and now I feel 3 times shitter than I did beforehand. Damn, I've got an early start tomorrow travelling to a course on Domestic Violence.

AND FINALLY: I can't sign off without having a rant now can I? It's my modus operandi. OLD PEOPLE AND SPEED BUMPS - they take them so fucking seriously! As I was home skiving and Phoe was off to give a presentation I was comandeered to drive her up the pier to the ferry. So people don't drive off the end of the thing at speed there are speedbumps. Well, we invariably got stuck behind an old woman (which is no surprise seeing as I live in God's Waiting Room). I swear, she was going SO FREAKING SLOW I was almost stalling the bleedin' car. I felt like getting out, strolling along side her car and planting on right in her s

.....and I complain about the violent guy, eh?

No, I was just a tad frustrated. I could have made it down that pier backwards, with one leg tied up quicker than that ancient woman (Methusela's mother I'm reliably informed).

Heck, I could have crawled on my hands and knees with a dozen arrows sticking out of my back quicker than the living Mummy drove that car down there.

....I could have died and rotted down to a skeleton quicker than.. I'll shut up now - I'm getting ridiculous :)

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