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2006-08-11 - 8:17 p.m.

Y'know, so far I'm loving this new job. This, the job I will be leaving at the end of next month 'cause I've been offered something better in the long run. I'm a bit pissed off actually, the team have been really great, the work is interesting and I got to sneak home at lunch time today and hang around in my underpants (having a good ol' scratch if memory serves me correctly)

....I love coming home when no one's about and no one expects anything of me. If I lived on my own I'd LIVE in my underwear and I'd be *such* a filthy slob. Phoe keeps me in check, She gets disgusted by me too often for it to be funny....

(sigh, perhaps I should have been born a bloke)

I was particularly upset when I had to find my clothes and go off to appointments and assess whether people were suitable tenants for our Association. The woman at the second appointment rattled on for so long about boring shit I actually found myself having a Homer Simpson moment and visualising myself sitting at the computer in my undies, drinking beer, eating junk and belching. When I 'came to' I realised I had stopped writing notes down of the shit she was telling me and had to quickly employ my emergency 'interested' face

Sigh, it'll all stop when I move onto the next job. I'm not sure if I want it now y'know?

Anyhoo, as you know, I've been impressed with the search words people have put into Google etc which have ultimately directed them here. 'Shitting woman' has and will always be the most popular and I'm getting sick of these people. I might actually try to change the title and/or the wording of the entry to stop this. I get horrible visions of these people at their 'puter screens with their hands down their pants awaiting their expectations to be fulfilled only to be disappointed as I tell 'em about the Phantom Shitter from the call centre I worked at last year. Here are the latest fun searches:

: i) "Someone died on my bed"

ii) "Shagged over a desk"

iii) "elderly sket shitwomen"

iv) "Shit on face"

v) "women ran over cat"

vi) "constant tickle cough"

vii) "miserable as usual"

viii) "ready made worm farm"

ix) "not cretin"

x) "naked men"

I am particularly pleased that someone found me under 'miserable as usual' as we all know that this is my most contented state. I worry about the person who had someone die on their bed, am intrigued by the elderly sket shitwomen (?!). Who is this tribe of Shitwomen from Sket and who is the elder that this person wishes to know about? I'm shaking my head in wonderment. I applaud the lucky bugger who got shagged over a desk and wonder how they found me that way? Musht have been shome mishtake!

....and finally, I am vindicated - I am officially not a cretin - wahooooo!

That's about it. Actually want me to show you something? I was going to post it on fotothing but the site's down (as usual) and I'm arse burning to show people. I think I'll save it. Perhaps I'll post it tomorrow, who knows :)

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