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2006-04-10 - 9:43 p.m.

Weird searches which have bought people to my diary:

"Shitting Women" (of course, that is the most popular)

"My personality has gone" (What the fuck?)

"Boiling HEADS" (what the hell was this guy thinking of? Fortunately for me who was beginning to wonder what the hell I'd been writing about, it led to a very surreal dream I'd had last year)

"Sketty naked" (I'm hoping that this is referring to a different Sketty)

"Women shitting on toilets" (yeah, yeah)

"My dog Mulder" (in a search engine?)

"What do you do when you have something stuck in your windpipe and you are alone?" (erm, do what I did and pass out)

"Gerbil bleeding ear"

"Why have I got ulcers on my tongue?"

"My chest feels raw"

.......I'd like to think I helped people but I really rather feel that they were disappointed. 'Specially the women shitting people. I do worry abuot the poor sod who had something stuck in their windpipe tho. Their last precious moments on this planet, desperately searching for something to help 'em led to my stupid diary.

Hope they made it!

Remind me to tell you about the Chav tomorrow

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