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2006-05-29 - 4:46 p.m.

I was intending to spend the day grumpy but I decided to check out what I was doing this time last year in order to prove to myself that things had indeed improved in Sketty World.

I knew I was working in the call centre at the nightmare ferry company and I know all too well that it was shitly paid and I hated everyone there and everything about the place but at least it had taken me away from the clutches of the Automaton at the jobcentre. Remember the phantom shitter? I wondered if I was about to read an entry about her. Sigh, back then I had prayed for a break and a job like the one I have now and I kinda feel bad that I'm still grumpy and complaining. I guess that because I'm nowhere nearer to getting into THE INTENDED JOB I feel all disgruntled with life.

Anyhoo, I wanted to prove to myself today that this time last year things were genuinely shit and that I should be grateful for everything I have. I just checked out my archives and unfortunately I didn't make an entry exactly for today but I did for tomorrow last year (if you are still following). When I read it I damn near wet myself laughing - it's a year tomorrow since the Cary Grant dream!

Here's the link

I'd completely forgotten about that dream and it's brilliant. Not many people can say that they've farted on Cary Grant now can they? :)

I just discovered that I was writing this diary the year before too. I must just go and have a quick read, see what I was doing....

...ah, I was at University fretting about my exams and the revision I hadn't done. Sounds about right :)

I'm actually laughing like a drain at the moment 'cause poor long suffering Phoe has a headache and she's just wandered in to me all crumpled and tired looking asking me, ever so politely if I had a minute and if I can be arsed, to give her head a bit of a rub 'cause "when you rub my head it wakes me up and gets rid of these headaches and it feels lovely and I'll feel much better..."

....I told her to fuck off and then laughed loudly as she stood there in disbelief. I did Pyro Jack's 'ARE YOU EVIL' test and came out pretty damn evil yesterday so now I have a reputation to live up to.

STILL she stood there pleading with me to fix her head as I am in fact a qualified aromatherapist and that once fixed she could pull herself together as she felt really really rough.

"No, fuck off" I said matter of factly and continued to laugh like a maniac. She has now walked off to the sound of my continuing laughter, calling me all the bastards under the sun.

Yet still I giggle to myself

Of course, I know that I will end up rubbing her damn head and despite telling the dogs to fuck right off too, I'll end up taking those bastards out for a walk too.

Damn everyone and everything, it's 5.11pm and people/creatures are expecting me to get out of my pajamas and DO stuff! Can you believe it?

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