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2006-03-08 - 1:30 a.m.

How can I hide the fact that over the past few years I've gone kinda, well.......wrong?

In short, I'm thru to the next stage of interviews for a job which isn't what I want to do in the long term, but which will keep me afloat financially and mentally until my plans come into fruition. Only prob is, they want to do 2 hours of personality profiling and psychometric testing on me!

Shit man, personality profiling? It's only for an admin role fer chrissake! I asked the initial question 'cause I really don't think I'm 'right' any more. I used to be confident in my personality and moods but now, well, like I say, I think that somewhere down the line I've gone kinda wrong in the head. Heck, I've lived a disappointing life on Devil's Island with a tidiness Nazi for too long, that's my problem.

I so don't want to come across as being desperate, insane, evil, grumpy, manic or idiotic and well, let's face it - they are the BEST bits of my personality :(

...and my answer to the dilema?

I've gone blonde (in order to detract from my obvious lack of good qualities and in the hope that the old adage that 'blondes have more fun' will be true). I can't get excited. I pretty much always get to this stage only to have my hopes dashed at the last moment.....

As for psychometric testing, what the feck is THAT when it's at home?

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