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2006-07-28 - 7:25 p.m.

Hahahaha, I can be dramatic can't I? Hunger strike 'cause I don't like the colour of my hair? I've never heard anything more ridiculous in my life!

I actually don't mind it now. Women heh? What can you do!

(I wasn't really on hunger strike 'cause I didn't like my hair btw, it's just me not eating correctly again and weirdly enjoying the feelings of being hungry. I'll snap out of it sooner or later, then there won't be enough food on the entire planet to satisfy me. I tell you, those Ben and Jerry ice cream bastards better get their factory geared up for a run on Phish Food!)#

The magazine people are coming on Monday now. I'm still refusing to be involved (in a kind of we haven't actually spoken about it since, way of refusing).

They have also finally picked a temp to take over my old role for when I move into the other department. I've got to train this person next week which is a joke as I never received full training myself so it'll be a case of the cretinous leading the horrified probably. :(

Sigh, the other team are all looking forward to having me in their office. They've put my name on the lone working board ready to be ticked in and out safely and my desk is sitting there all tidy and nice for me.

....Shame I'm going to be shafting them by announcing I'm actually leaving 3 days after I start (she cringed).

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