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2006-09-05 - 12:43 p.m.

I'm sick. Not as in mentally you understand, as in physically. Dunno what's up with me. I've got a couple of weird and unexplained painful bruises in weird places (top/side of right foot and back of left hand)and I keep having major sweats coming over me where I become drenched in seconds. My stomach keeps going hot then kinda twisty and I keep coming across sick or dizzy.

...that's it, I'm a gonner. Thrown a 7/about to shuffle off this moral coil/on my way to meeting my maker (..and don't think he/she's getting off lightly!)

Phoe reckons it's aliens. "Aliens stepped on the top of my foot and then grabbed my hand too hard before taking me thru space at such speed it made me sick?" Yup, something like that apparently. Then again, I can't take the piss out of her after I made her drive miles back to somewhere after convincing myself I'd seen a severed human head at the side of the road. It would seem I would never live that one down. Not even when I, in shocked tones, told her that I was convinced I'd seen a giant golden galleon in the sky.

...turned out to be a cockerell weather vane. There was still something weird about that vane tho, how comes I'd seen it so close up and flying all of a sudden?

BAD BRAIN, Bad Brain!

Anyhoo, before I go and try to tidy myself up for this afternoon's appointments I wanted to share a couple of little things. Remember a couple of weeks when I bragged that I'd gone to some fella's flat and kicked ass over the big 'rubbish left in the corridor' incident? Well, I went back yesterday to satisfy myself that he'd been well and truly told off and had, sheepishly, carried out my instructions.

(cough), there was now a dumped bed, chairs, 3 more bags of rubbish and an old stereo.


Gonna have to send him a threatening letter now.

The other thing: Phoe's nightmare father Mad Wazza is kicking off again. I could thump the arsehole I really could. The man is a moron and a waste of organs that people dying in hospital could make good use of. I've told you before how pathetic he's become and how he prefers to wallow and drink rather than allow anyone to help him address his issues or sort him out. It's like banging your head against a brick wall it really is. Phoe has to give a lecture in Lincoln on Friday and as it's an overnighter which she hates I've taken leave from work. She increasingly hates the travel and is winding herself up about the trip. All Waz has to do is spend one night at our house to watch the dogs etc. He likes our house, we've got digital tv and interesting things go on in our neighbourhood (unlike his). He's pulled out saying he's not upto leaving his house. What's wrong with you then Waz? Dunno. Do your legs hurt? No. Do you feel ill? No. Are you eating? Yes. So what the fuck is wrong with you that you can't drive 20 minutes away and do what you do at your house at ours? I just don't feel up to it.

Is sulking that he's not going on the trip more like. Phoe won't take him with her any more as he continuously makes arseholish coments and interupts her whilst she is giving her speech.

Oooh, there's so much I'd say to him if I was allowed.

and finally: I just read last year's diary entry and it made me laugh. It was from when my friend K tried to fix me up with one of her bloke's mates. Turned out he was a major freak who would accuse the doctor of spying on him. The frightening thing was, when she was trying to sell him to me she kept saying we would be perfect for each other!


...makes me wonder what I'm not realising about myself that is obvious to everyone around me!

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