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2006-04-04 - 10:46 p.m.

Day 2 of the new job went ok. The miserable guy turned out to be ok too. I wore better fitting clothes but ended up freezing in the office. I have never worked anywhere so cold before!

Which leads me on to a question....

For the past few months I have noticed something not quite right about myself but I've ignored it. Unfortunately it seems to be getting worse and is now playing on my mind. It started off as a numbness on the tip of one of my big toes. Then it moved to the end of the toe next to it. Then I noticed that on occasion the tip of one of my thumbs was really numb. Well, today the tips of 3 fingers were completely numb and after I realised this and rubbed and rubbed them to see if I could get any proper feeling in them, they went painfully tingly.

Doesn't sound good does it? Anyone got any ideas?

Oh oh, I forgot to tell you! My Mom! My Mom right, we absolutely pissed ourselves on the phone today. She told me that she'd had an erotic dream about someone and she was so embarrassed she couldn't tell me who. Now, the last one she had was with BERNARD BRESLAW! Who the feck's Bernard Breslaw I hear you cry? Well, if you've ever seen the old 70's British 'Carry On' films, he's the big gormless one. She has never fancied him, thought him sexy or had any desire to be humped senseless by him, but several years ago -in dream- she was! Well, this one is EVEN BETTER than that and even beats my erotic Tom Baker (Dr Who) dream of many years ago (don't ask me, I didn't even watch Dr Who back then). My Mom - the woman who shit me out into the world, the dear sweet Mommy of my childhood, the applepie and ice cream maker of the family dreamt that she got rodgered by RONNIE CORBETT. Any non-Brits might have to google that one. You might find him under The Two Ronnies+70's comedy+shit television

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