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2005-09-28 - 12:47 p.m.

On the good news front: I was offered a job!

I had a nightmare on the way to my first interview; got stuck behind an old duffer in a big modern car who insisted in ignoring the 70mph speed limit and drove at around 30 practically the entire journey. Could I get around her? Could I hell. I then got stuck in 2 jams, discovered that the shortcut was blocked off/diverted around the nightmare roundabout that I wanted to avoid and then I had to negotiate an industrial estate to find the place.

...I was late

Not as late as the hour and a half I was late many years ago when I got completely lost and had to prise my beyond-stressed fingers off the steering wheel and my bulging eyes off the inside of the windscreen when I finally pulled up in the car park. Fortunately I wasn't a week early like one of my other interviews either. Just 5 minutes late but I covered it and they actually LOVED me so much they offered me the job there and then!

Just 4 days of call centre hell to go now which sounds fan-bloody-tastic to me. NO DAYS would be better but I can't do that to 'em no matter how much I hate it there. Phoe and I have decided that, in the dying minutes of my last day there, I must lift my shirt above my head and run several circuits of the office whilst whooping like Homer Simpson.

I start next Thursday which means that I will only be able to manage a fleeting visit to my Moms' for my birthday. Oh god, I keep thinking about it - no shifts where you get home after 10pm, knowing what days off I have every week, not having to work out the sodding length of someone's caravan, not having to listen to people moaning about the cost of bringing an entire minibus over with just 2 people in it (YEAH, BUT IT'S A BLOODY MINIBUS! IF YOU WANT A CHEAPER FARE, WHY NOT COME IN A SODDING CAR?), more money, some respect, less of a commute, away from the infamous TOILETS OF DOOM and the woman who smells like dog shit.


I suspect that I am going to start reverting back to the old jovial Sket I used to be. Phoe can't wait :)

I cancelled the other interview. What's the point?

Oh yeah, and Nigel did come over last night and force me to run the bleep test. He was surprised that after about 6 months I still made it to level 4. So was I. Level 4 aint great but without practice it's not too bad at all and I was quite chuffed. After some bits of rest we went onto level 10 in the end....

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