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2006-08-25 - 10:53 p.m.

...so no one got my Miss Anne Thrope alternative identity then did they?


Misanthrope? - 'Person who dislikes people in general'?


Aww, fuggetabout it. I can hear the sound of tumbleweed rolling across my diary entry as I type.

...well, I like it (she muttered) and will continue to use it whenever assholes ask for my name :(

In other news: I'm choking to death on joss at the moment as I have a particularly smokey and pungent stick burning right next to me. why don't you just move it Sket? 'because then I will have to reach slightly to the left and that would be just too much effort. I would rather suffer and hold my breath as much as possible'.

Lazy cow!

Erm, I also kicked ass on my new patch at work. I dealt with the big case of the 'rubbish left in the corridor of the top floor appartments'! Hey, the world don't need no steeenkin James Bond man, I dealt with the rubbish in the corridor and left the tenant quaking. Do you hear me, QUAKING! Actually, he just kinda said that he'd move it (in an unconvincing tone) and that it didn't smell as bad as the guy who lived downstairs. I had already in fact MET the guy downstairs and can confirm that a thousand rotting corpses on the hottest day of the year wouldn't smell as bad as this guy so the rubbish dumper had a point. I'll give him a week and if he doesn't shift it I'll give him my bulgey-eyed scary face and drop my tone to a menacing Jack Nicholson drawl until he can't sleep at night and removes said boxes of crap.

(shit man, I'm dying next to this bloody joss stick. I wonder if it's meant to be an outdoor one?)

...and finally. I am ashamed to say that I had a giant tantrum this evening after I was forced to do the dishes at a time NOT of my choosing before being guilted into cleaning the top of the stove! Phoe decided, quite out of the blue, to clean her fecking fish out at 10pm! What time is THAT to go thru the great rigmarole of emptying/refilling gallons of water and cleaning hundreds of pebbles? I HATE her fish, they just go on living and living (they are at least 14 now - I call them 'The Immortals') and they take up too much room and the tank is ugly and they just hide in a big broken flowerpot all day and night any way! I know I'm supposed to be a hippy type and I have a love and respect for all creatures but I HAD TO DO THE BLOODY DISHES MAN! THE DISHES!

I rest my case.

I'm still choking and now my eyes are burning in their sockets. Oh when will this joss burn down?

*I did actually bother to turn my head to check. There's about an inch of torture left, phew!*

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