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2005-08-22 - 5:33 p.m.

I had such a shit day at work today. Y'wanna know why? All the Belgians who could barely speak English decided to call me up to book a ferry and then I encountered Mr Pratt

Like the title of this entry states; Pratt by name, prat by nature. Actually, prat isn't strong enough, the bloke was an utter arsehole of the highest order and I had to remain calm whilst he kicked off because I had committed the sin of actually asking him to pay for his booking now rather than at the harbour in the morning

What a bitch-queen from hell I obviously am!

He was from the Island (and Islanders are all a bit weird) and he was overly posh (which means he believes that us proles owe him something and that he can throw his weight around in order to get his own way).

...and what makes me sick is that he was about to get his own way if he'd shut the fuck up for half a second. If I'd been the manager I wouldn't have backed down but mine did and left me to call him back with the 'good' news. When he kicked off at me for a third time and started telling me how cheap our competition is I used that as an opportunity for him to fall into my trap and accidentally saying that he was going elsewhere. "THANKS MR PRATT, I'll cancel your booking then, thank you for calling byeeeeeeeeeee". He was still ranting as I put the phone down but screw him.

...oh yeah, and apparently he is going to write to all the papers in order to tell them that the evil ferry company actually wants people to PAY for their sailings. No, sorry, I was mistaken, he wanted MY name to 'out' me for being the bitch who wanted him to pay for his booking.


What he doesn't realise is that I've got his address and a a dog absolutely brimming with shit. He doesn't actually live far from me this is the voice of your conscience Sket - those thoughts are wrong. Sigh, I'll let it go I've no doubt.

...and before him was the booking for the Belgian with the gigantic bloody house-sized motor home that I undercharged and completely fucked up the booking for.

...oh and the other Belgian who's accent was so thick I think I ended up calling him Mr Djzutskiggmeister or something. I couldn't understand a bloody word he said and god only knows where he wanted to go and when. He'll just have to go where I reckoned and like it won't he? Serves him right for asking me to convert the price into fecking Euros! He can shove his Euros up his arse!

Bloody hell Sket, this is your conscience again, your brain has asked me to tell you to shut the hell up before you give yourself a heart attack or at worst, spontaneously combust My conscience has a point actually, my hand has been a bloody claw for most of the day.....

Oh, and to top it off, that guy I mentioned a while back who should love me but doesn't is still with that other woman and they are all over the net doing 'couple' stuff and making me want to puke my ring up.

...before I go I think that I should say that I know that when I'm on early shifts I need to go to bed earlier so that I don't end up with 3 and half hours sleep which makes me intolerant, grumpy and vengeful :(

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