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2006-04-03 - 10:33 p.m.

Well here's a shock. I started my new job and nothing went wrong!

Well, not for me (really) anyway. They'd had a new phone system go in over the weekend and discovered today (Monday) that it didn't actually work. I was in the way really today, the poor sods were running all over the place in horror and I was sitting there like a spare prick, smiling sympathetically as passing lunatics.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow tho, I've got to spend the morning - THE WHOLE morning that is, with the only person in the whole building that I decided I didn't like. He's a sour faced bloke who barely speaks. Hopefully the morning'll go quickly heh?

Apart from that, my stupid fucking power clothes didn't fit. I just don't do clothes very well. I'm too short to look good in anything and I guess I'm stupid looking. My new trousers were too baggy and looked like a clown owned 'em and my stupid big tits were straining at the buttons of the top I was wearing, threatening to shoot out and blacken someone's eye. I've got to bleedin' well find stuff to wear tomorrow and I'm a right scruff. At least at Hell Hostel I could just pick up crumpled clobber off the floor and wear it with a smile on my face.

Oh yeah. I've bought a planty type thing (a plant?) to erm, plant over Barry the gerbil's grave so that no one decides to tidy up the hostel garden and accidently digs him up. I told one of the fellas there that it was going to be a tribute (?!) to my time there. He seemed chuffed at the idea so let's roll with it :)

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