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2007-02-15 - 10:01 p.m.

God bless disease

....and I MEAN that.

God bless the phenomena known as 'Man Flu' is what I say?

but what IS 'Man Flu'? I hear some of you ask.

Well, Man Flu is a small common cold or slight virus a man might catch which would then become an all consuming struggle between life and death. Hell, NO ONE has suffered more than a man with a cold. Of course, most people (read - women) would just take an aspirin and carry on. They'd blow their nose, medicate themselves up and carry on with their business but not the Man Flu sufferer, oh god no. He's too busy dying and ensuring EVERYONE knows about it too.

You wanna know why I am so grateful for this phenomena?

Mr Angry-Violent-Woman Hater who wanted to kick the living crap out of me came in for his appointment yesterday which meant I was going to be in a small office with him using but my wits and aggression training to ensure I didn't end up with a telephone embedded in my skull. I was prepared. I was ever so slightly shitting myself. I had taken advice from all the other women he had come into contact with in the office (before being allocated to me) and who he had been a right nasty bastard to and I was ready. By God I was going to be firm with him and if he didn't play ball I was going to play my ace which was to calmly inform him that I wasn't going to put up with his stinking attitude and I was, in fact, going to send him back to Court for resentencing.

So, there's the scenario. I was ready, I called him into the office and guess what?

He was like a little lamb!

The poor nasy bugger had MAN FLU and was so weak he didn't have the strength to be horrible or to argue with me. He just agreed to all my terms and was really rather PLEASANT if I'm honest. Blimey! He didn't even look particularly ill to me so I suspect he was either putting it on (don't care - he agreed to my terms) or he was an adept at making women feel sorry for him if he held a hanky in front of his nose. Still, I don't care; we had a good session and hopefully begun to establish a raport I can work on over the next 6 months.

Yay for Disease!

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